Thursday, February 26, 2009

Exotica..a poem

Here's a poem I wrote that was featured on Clean Sheets.


hard bone and sinew
the jangle of heavy piercings
what exotic land have I entered
with a painted man?

ink trails over arms
maps to follow
distant chants of
tribal rhythms on his back

new territory to learn
with fingertips
with breath and tongue
the hard velvet of hair
springing texture of flesh -

savor this place,
branded in memory -
a token of this trip
the aftertaste of metallic rings
the imprint of lips that stay
tattooed on my skin

©2007 by Chloe Waits

1 comment:

Ginuine Goodtime said...

That poem really "painted" a picture in my mind. It sounds like my kind of man. I love it.