Friday, August 21, 2009


This is really a companion to my "bad boy" blog. Bad boys are always Alpha males, and we know all about them. They are at the heart of most romances

So what then, are Beta Males? The Urban Dictionary is not kind to Beta males, giving this definition:

An unremarkable, careful man who avoids risk and confrontation. Beta males lack the physical presence, charisma and confidence of the Alpha male.

Others are kinder, calling a Beta male collaborative, supportive and emotionally sensitive, possibly the next in line to the Alpha male in a pack, or a "wing man."

Yet Betas have a place in Romance, too.

They are intelligent, giving and balanced. Sexy but nurturing too.

It would be a mistake to think too black and white about these roles, that one is strong and one is weak.

They both have weaknesses and strengths.

It may be true that Alpha can be too domineering, while beta may forget to fight for what they want. Anything in extremes can magnify their flaws, as well as their qualities.

Beta or Alpha, they are always great heroes in romance.

Have fun writing them. And tell me what you think, Alpha or Beta?

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