Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ermm...cue the Fanfare, I am back from Hiatus...!

Well, juggling full time school, full time work and a dozen other priorities finally caught up with me about eighteen months back.

Exhausted, and having the worse writer's block of my life, I finally decided it was break time.
(cue the violins...)

But I am finally emerging from my self imposed isolation from the wintery world of writing wasteland.

So, you're all dying to know, what's the status on my English Degree? I am done as of a month ago, yippeee!
Finally, time for me again. Which means writing.

As I attempted to log back into accounts I was literally locked out of, I was greeted with 27,000+ emails. Were these from people all clamouring to get in touch with me, eager for more writing?
Mostly, I had hundreds  upon hundreds of forum digests from all the lovely yahoo groups I am apart of.
As I dust off my correspondence, I am happy to report I also dusted off works in progress, and have two stories out for consideration.

I will be playing catch up for the next little while, but for your enjoyment, I am including some eye candy-

Oh my ginger love Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy (great season finale, by the way...) ENJOY!

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