Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Review: 'Not So Pure' is Pure Fun

Blurb for 'Not So Pure'
White runs from her prison of a past and enters into a sexual deal with seven men that alters the course of her life for eternity. Caught between her need to take control and making up for her serious lack of good sex, she enters a wonderland of kinky possibilities with men who show her Prince Charming’s come in all shapes and sizes. For White and her men—once upon a time doesn’t cut it—three or four times sound just about right.

With each partner—not always one at a time—White beats back her trust issues. But the shadow of her past comes back to haunt them all. Now she must introduce them to her personal battle hoping they’ll fight beside her as their sinful nights turn into hellish days. Happily ever after isn’t by the books anymore.

Book Review by Chloe Waits:

By now everyone knows how hot fairytale reboots are, particularly Snow White, with not one but two movie versions out this year alone. And who could forget those two prime time t.v. shows: Grimm, and Once Upon at Time? 

Elise Hepner was well ahead of the curve with her work, Not So Pure, published by the decadent Ellora's Cave. This fairytale reboot is a fun frolic through the Dark Forest, and a sexy personal journey of one woman's growth and perseverance. Hepner's character of Snow White is a bit damaged by her time with her evil stepmother, but she is a strong survivor who is able to use her desire for lust to help heal her wounded psyche and learn to trust and love. Steaming sex is the salve that saves her, and with seven seductive dwarves, there is plenty of satisfaction.

Hepner spins a compelling yarn that appeals to anyone that likes a strong and believable heroine, and likes their white hot heroes in multiples!

I give 'Not so Pure' 4 out of five stars.

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