Friday, May 7, 2010

Opinions...everyone has one

In doing this blog today I am thinking of reviews and opinions about authors, because they are so diverse. One person's Tolstoy is another person's tabloid.

I was in class when I heard fellow students ripping Stephanie Meyers to shreds, stating she was "a bad writer."

I was cringing away in the corner. I am a good ten-fifteen years older than these people, and I am reading her YA (young Adult) work because I have fallen in love with the story of Edward and Bella. And I completely disagree!

Stephanie Meyers has created memorable characters, an awesome conflict, and
a deep emotional connection and chemistry between the characters.

But guess what? That's just my opinion. For every person who loves her to death-and we know there are many-there are others that hate her work.

It's purely subjective. In fact, writing is a subjective field. Some will love an author's work, and some will hate it. No matter who the author is, and how talented and widely acclaimed. I am often astounded to see pans by critics for books I've loved, and books I hold dear.

Are these people crazy? Um, not surprisingly, I have my opinion on that...!

As hard as it is for fans, it is even harder for the authors themselves.

It can be very painful as an author, yet rejection and critical opinions are part of this life. And they can be mysterious, undeserved and downright bizarre.

That aside, criticism, can also teach us something. Are there comments that keep coming up? What can you learn from them? Certainly self reflection should be a part of different opinions we receive. Criticism, when constructive, can be a very valuable tool. They help us grow.
(Note I say constructive. I am not talking about a hatchet job done by someone with an ax to grind. Don't give these opinions another thought! Lock them away in the darkest corner of your memory!)

The thing with opinions, is no one will ever agree on everything. We can't please everyone, in life, and in work. And in writing.

So of all the opinions, trust your own.

Right Stephanie?


Anny Cook said...

Excellent post. I have enjoyed so many books that friends have panned. Reader tastes are infinite and varied. As an author, it's important for us to be true to ourselves, while learning everything we can from reviewers.

Chloe Waits said...

thanks for commenting Anny.

I love what you said. I do think reviewers can help authors and artists grow too.

But staying true to yourself is just as important, I agree