Thursday, February 26, 2009

Exotica..a poem

Here's a poem I wrote that was featured on Clean Sheets.


hard bone and sinew
the jangle of heavy piercings
what exotic land have I entered
with a painted man?

ink trails over arms
maps to follow
distant chants of
tribal rhythms on his back

new territory to learn
with fingertips
with breath and tongue
the hard velvet of hair
springing texture of flesh -

savor this place,
branded in memory -
a token of this trip
the aftertaste of metallic rings
the imprint of lips that stay
tattooed on my skin

©2007 by Chloe Waits

Muse is sometimes napping

I have been writing like a demon...about a demon. I dusted off a short story, and went about editing and revising it...even rewriting it at minute loving it, hating it and ready to give up on it.

Meanwhile, another story I had that I had put aside, one I felt was not my strongest, I actually enjoyed reading again. I had to tweak it, but it came pretty easy. I am now excitedly revising it.

Sometimes I have to put something aside, and pick it up again. I literally need time away from projects. I guess I am not the only writer who feels this way. It's possible to fall in love and want to kill off your characters minutes later! Oh fickle muse!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Phaze Valentine Delights

I am enjoying the stories and poems on Coming Together: At Last and have also gone over to other author sites for a look-see at their other work.
You should really check out Phaze's site,( complete with free reads just in time for Valentine's day.
If those hot stories don't get you in the mood, nothing will!