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IRISH MAGIC review and chance to Win

I got reviewed by the lovely ladies at Dark Divas Reviews for her SCP release, Irish Magic...

AJ’s Review:
"Irish Magic is the perfect title for this sexy, sensual read that encompasses engaging characters, witty banter, a bit of heartache, some very interesting Irish legends, and enough fairies’ magic to keep you panting for days because of the scorching hot love scenes.."

RATED: Four delightful divas!

And you have a chance to win Irish Magic, FREE, for commenting:

Come visit the Divas link below for your chance to win: 

~Chloe Waits
Romance Without Inhibitions

Photo: Got reviewed by the lovely ladies at Dark Diva Reviews for Irish Magic...four delightful divas! I am so happy! and you have a chance to win Irish Magic, FREE, for commenting:

Come visit the Divas!

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Long and Short Reviews- Stuff Your Stocking Blogfest

Visit Long and Short Reviews blog for their Stuff Your Stockings Blogfest of giveaways Dec 17th to 21st and comment to can win a free copy of my book Irish Magic 

Visit for more details, you must enter comments  for each blog entry during that period to be eligible. I will be announcing the winner on December 22nd!

Good luck Everyone!

Irish Magic Blurb:

Mysterious Ireland is famous for its magical lore. But Kelly Murphy is here to mend a broken heart; not chase pots of gold. She can’t help being enchanted, though, by the beauty and charm of the land. Not to mention being completely captivated by local hunk and tour guide Sean Ahearn!

But it’s more than Ireland that’s seducing Kelly. After wandering onto a fairy hill, Kelly experiences the most passionate night of her life. It’s who it’s with that has her stumped. 

Is it sexy Sean or is fairy mischief afoot? 

In a land where everyone believes, can Kelly find the courage to let go of the past and take a leap of faith?

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Elise Hepner's Blog Hop

Haha! Rubbing hands gleefully....

I, Elise Hepner, have commandeered Chloe Waits' blog as part of my blog hop to announce the release of my new book Sextionary:

How to make board games sexy
I have a love hate relationship with board games—mainly that I love them but most of the people around me either don’t have patience for them or they want to play cards instead. Monopoly is my favorite, although I have been known to be partial to Clue and Life as well. When I came up with the idea for Sextionary, I was thinking about all the times my husband and I have played the board game we have sitting in our closet next to the Christmas decorations and crushed by various computer components. I love that game—I really do—for some reason, I never have time for it.
Immediately, I thought, what would make a couple want to play a board game every date night instead of being distracted by everything technology? Why, sex, of course! Add to that my flair for BDSM and board game night just got downright kinky. Sometimes the things we do that aren’t regulated by technology (super hard to find anymore, I know) need a little notch up in order for anyone to actually do them. And it’s something I may have to put to work in my home life.
What are some of your favorite board games? How would you spice them up, if you could? Comment to be entered to win a 10 dollar All Romance Ebooks gift card at the end of my Blog Hop:

One small, sand filled timer flipped Jasper and Jill’s world.
Boring, board game date nights evolved into twenty questions or a spanking. From stimulating conversations—to ripped panties as a makeshift gag. And Jasper’s new fascination with anything leather pulling Jill further down onto her knees.

The Rules of the Game:
Jill draws on paper what she wants from her husband’s lips, tongue, teeth, and fingers
No stick figures
If Jasper can’t guess her needs, he takes over any way he sees fit
Only a minute to shift their roles—but there’s always time for the darkest pleasure—and a line they never thought they would cross.

“Honey, I’m home,” she called out, secretly pleased when her voice didn’t quaver one bit.
The scent of strawberry—wafting from the candles tucked in every corner—both soothed her mind while also tightening her muscles as she dropped her purse on the floor. One measured breath after the next. Total silence while she fought off the urge to fidget, picking at her tight skirt or unbinding her hair from the constricting bun. She wouldn’t—couldn’t—mess with their ritual. A personal game during date night that had taken on new meaning half a year ago. Had become so much more than enjoying each other’s company over a glass of sugary, sweet fruit wine and a board game.
More intimate than talking, so she held back her voice, even as she longed to walk into the living room. But it wasn’t only about her wants. Her needs. Marriage was a partnership and she was willing to do her half to make her partner happy. Even if it meant standing perfectly still while her nipples hardened against her rough sweater and she recalled all the fantasies she’d harbored all day at work looping through her brain without a pause button.
“Where are you,” she mouthed the words to herself without breathing a sound.
A shadow wavered out of the corner of her eye. Before she had time to turn her head he stood in front of her as if he’d been there the whole time. A formless shape only defined by flicking shadows and her engrained memories. At least until they made their way to the living room—but she knew from experience that part wasn’t soon. No, he stood his ground in front of her with an unreadable expression against the darkness. Shallow, barely there breaths. Nothing to showcase his eagerness, while she silently pleaded for his touch, every inch of her skin electric with the urge to reach out and brush her fingers across his face.
She didn’t touch him for the same reason he made no movement forward—their anticipation of each other was so much better this way. Close enough to sense the brush of his breath—hot against her cheeks. His mouth would taste like citrus toothpaste while his lips would bruise hard enough that her eyes would fill with tears even closed.
“You look amazing,” his gravelly voice lilted at the end of his words, an odd accent not anything close to their neighbors or friends. Tonight, the words didn’t matter. His tone was like a hand groping beneath her clothes, eager, unstoppable, and full of heady promise.
“You can’t see me.”
“I don’t need to see, to know.” Jasper cracked his knuckles and the sound was a gunshot rending through the charged silence.
His callused hand wrapped around her wrist and she barely registered that he’d moved forward blocking the entrance to their gourmet kitchen. When she swallowed she nearly choked. As her chin tipped up to look into his eyes, he clucked with his tongue. A gentle reminder. Her eyes slid back to the cheap carpeting in their entryway.
But she’d be lying if she didn’t admit that when his fingers pressed ever so slightly into her wrist in warning that her throat closed on a sigh. Though he hadn’t spoken, she knew his touch well enough it was as if he had uttered a forceful command. Loud and constant—until her nervousness was drowned out by the cacophony of blood pumping and rushing between her ears.
“Come ‘ere.” He slid his hand up along her forearm and jerked her to his broad, muscular chest while he towered above her petite curves by at least a foot. They rocked together as if magnetized. Pride swelled in her chest when she merely blinked at his actions though the rest of her practically dissolved in his arms soaking in the warmth of protection and the danger his veiled strength.
She didn’t put out a hand to stop him—though it wouldn’t have mattered. Jasper would have swatted it away and gripped her all the tighter, all the more painful, until there were tender bruises that she reveled in the next morning. Small, tender marks that would sweetly sting when he pressed on them across the breakfast table. Besides, it wasn’t as if he wouldn’t leave marks, even when she was good. He dragged his thumb across her skin with his stinging heat—like she was a roadmap to the only destination in the world that mattered.
And as she closed her eyes, her very cells cried out for more of his touch. Her hand curved along his solid, muscular hip. His gaze swept over her until she didn’t have to look at him to know his intentions. Her stare bore into his white t-shirt, her eyes focused so hard on him that she was shocked there wasn’t a hole in his chest that started smoking. His other hand shifted up from her hip to her shoulder, along her neck, and below her chin. Every place he touched hummed and she dug for willpower to keep her hand from shaking against the smooth, smoldering heat of his skin beneath his shirt.
One stroke along her chin with his thumb. Enough to set her teeth to chattering if she hadn’t had her jaw clamped shut in order to avoid him knowing the impact of his touch. Jasper was cocky—didn’t need any more help in that department. Until he gave her something, she would work to give him nothing. All day she’d labored with the knowledge of the sweet, hard press of his lips against her throat and the particular rat-a-tat-tat of his fingers against her clit.
The less reaction, the better.
Before she could figure out what angle he was working tonight, her husband jerked up her chin with a pleased grunt. Her head tipped back with a blink. A deep breath of pine filled her lungs until she ached lodging a noise in the back of her throat. She gauged the look in her lover’s calculating brown eyes. Against the backdrop of darkness with the subtle flicker to their right she could only make out the bright points of his eyes. As if flames danced within them. Tonight he would be the devil, her tormentor—the association inside her mind wasn’t a surprise.
“I’m the man that gets to remove all these trappings to get to the sweet treat of your nakedness. I’ll never take it for granted—though tonight you won’t be so lucky,” he breathed against her lips, barely a caress of skin on skin. Enough of a tease that she arched on tiptoe trying to meet his mouth, even as he was already on the verge of leaving her high and dry.
There was no reply, because he didn’t expect one. Even if he had, his chest brushed against the front of her sweater until the commanding caress of his hand that had shifted onto the nape of her neck became something of an anchor. Knowing the ritual, their odd little habits every Friday, didn’t make anything boring or old hat. In fact, her knowledge of what to expect in the beginning of their little dance only skyrocketed her anticipation—merely because she knew once his hands were off of her anything was up for grabs.
And with his hands on her while her knees shook, he kept her in place, their eyes locked with a mutual understanding. The next several hours would test them both. But it would be worth it—he always made every move worth it. Jasper’s mouth tilted in a gentle smile that she could barely make out. His gaze told a different, more ruthless story like the slow, predatory kneading along her nerve endings at her nape and forearm. Their only points of connection, yet the subtle contact was enough to send her thoughts spinning away in favor of simply basking in his touch.
“You know what comes next.”
Buy Links:

Elise Hepner Erotica/Erotic Romance Author

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Hot, Bold, and...Blind. My Newest Hero

Donovan's Blues is out at Secret Cravings Publishing Monday! As part of the Special Love line that celebrates different abilities, this sexy short story packs a huge erotic punch.

My hero, Donovan Strait, is a hot blues musician. He also happens to be blind.

But don't feel sorry for Donovan, or underestimate him.

Amanda makes that mistake at first, and he soon teaches her she needs to let go of any preconceived notions she has about blindness. 

Donovan may not have his sight, but he is able to 'see' a woman more clearly than other men--including all her erotic needs. Using his other heightened senses, he seduces Amanda, into an night of passion she will never forget.

                   But can she get him to stay longer than a one night stand?

“Are you excited Amanda?”

“Yes,” she whispered. In truth, she was very excited, more so than she could remember being by any man. Any remaining reservations vanished under his expert seduction.

“By me?”

He smiled, already knowing the answer. His voice dropped a few octaves. “You’re wondering what it would be like to be made love to by a man that knows things other men don’t…who can see you with his hands. Who could touch you in ways other men cannot.”

Amanda didn’t answer. She drew shallow breaths as graphic images flitted through her mind. His grip tightened reflexively on her wrist. Sensual awareness flooded Amanda. Her heightened pulse, her uneven respirations told him everything he needed to know, and he read her like an open book, as though her body was braille.

“A lot of men are only interested in what they see in women. What they narrowly define as beauty. With one, lone sense. They don’t appreciate a woman’s voice. The way her breath quickens as her excitement grows. The scent of her arousal. The smell of her perfume when she’s gone. People are meant to be tactile. Do you know the softest part of a woman’s body? Most men would say her thighs. What about the inside of her wrist? The area behind her knee. The underside of her upper arm. The webbing between her fingers and toes…?”

Donovan raised Amanda’s hand, pressing her delicate wrist against his full lips as his fingers laced briefly with hers.

Her skin burned with his touch and sparks lit up along her spine.

“Her lips, the area behind the ear…”

His hand touched her hair, trailing over the earlobe underneath and moving behind the shell of her ear, to Amanda’s sigh. She swore the whorl of his thumb left an imprint on the tender area, scoring it with heat....

Want to read more? Adult excerpt here

To Buy Donovan's Blues Click Here

Guaranteed you won't be singing the blues if you had Donovan in your life!

Want Donovan Free?? I am giving away a free copy, to double your chances to win, visit Secret Cravings blog too and leave a comment-- there's a free copy at each blog up for grabs! I will randomly pick a comment at each blog, be sure to give me a way to get in touch with you....I'll announce the winner tomorrow.
Secret Cravings Blogsite

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Wounded Warrior Blog Hop at Secret Cravings Blogspot

A very worthy blog hop is going on over at Secret Cravings to help support wounded veterans.

If you have time, please visit

Visit and follow the blog hop directions there, of clicking on the author's name to get to their blog. Don't forget to leave a comment & your email address. 

Those comments will raise funds for this worthy cause. Thank you so much for your support!

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The Next Best Thing Blog Hop...You landed here!

Well, I am tickled pink to be invited to The Next Best Thing Blog Hop by writer Carolina Valdez! Thanks Carolina!

As part of the blog hop, I was asked some questions about my writing career:

1. What was the working and final title of your book?

My newest release, Irish Magic, with Secret Cravings publishing was released this November 16th! Originally I called it Magic of Ireland as a working title but felt it was a bit unwieldy.
2. Where did the idea come from for the book?
My book is set in Dingle Bay, Ireland, and I actually visited there in the past. My background is primarily Irish, with some Scots and English thrown in.  I am a celtic mutt for sure! I have always believed in fairies and been intrigued by Irish legends, so I wove a real Irish legend in my story about male fairies, called the Ganconagh, who 'seduce lasses.' My heroine, Kelly Murphy, falls for a local man named Sean Ahearn, who she believes she sees one night in the mist. But is it really Sean, or, has she been seduced by something paranormal?

3. What genre does your book fall under?

My story is an erotic paranormal romance. That's right, there will be steam!

4. Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

What an exciting question! I would have to say Nicole Kidman for my female lead, who is a red head, and Gerard Butler for the male lead. He is Scottish, rather than Irish, but his fabulous, hunky looks, and his celtic charm would be perfect. Did I mention I am actually married to a Scotsman myself? Yum.

5. What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?

Who, or what, is seducing Kelly Murphy in Ireland--is it local hunk, sexy Sean Ahearn, or is fairy magic afoot?

6. Will your book be self published or represented by an agency?

My book is published by Secret Cravings Publishing. I am very excited to be a part of the Secret Cravings family now, and that I have a new short release, Donovan's Blues, out soon with them

7. How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Probably a month, as I work full time as a nurse and only have so much time for wriitng, and it's a novella length...

8. What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

This story is kind of playful, there is almost a kind of chicklit feel to it, in addition to the erotic elements. Think Bridget Jones meets erotic romance, lol.

9. Who or what inspired you to write this book?

I am always inspired by romance, love,and passion--and for this story, my own celtic background. I think love is the greatest 'magic' there is!

10.What else about your book might pique the reader's interest?

I think the fact that it is based on a real legend is exciting, and that I spun a hot erotic story around it!

Thanks for visiting, guys!

Please make sure to begin at Carolina's blog ...

And please be sure to visit some of my fellow authors at Secret Cravings Publishing, 
Mahalia Levey, by clicking this link  
Carole Preflatish at her link
Vanessa Johnston at
for their answers to these burning questions, and more,  posted on December 10th!

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Irish Magic available now at Secret Cravings Publishing

I am very excited that my new release, Irish Magic, is out now at Secret Cravings Publishing, and very happy to become part of the SCP family!

Mysterious Ireland is famous for its magical lore. But Kelly Murphy is here to mend a broken heart; not chase pots of gold.  She can’t help being enchanted, though, by the beauty and charm of the land. Not to mention being completely captivated by local hunk and tour guide Sean Ahearn!

But it’s more than Ireland that’s seducing Kelly. After wandering onto a fairy hill, Kelly experiences the most passionate night of her life. It’s who it’s with that has her stumped. 

Is it sexy Sean or is fairy mischief afoot? 
In a land where everyone believes, can Kelly find the courage to let go of the past and take a leap of faith?

Adult Excerpt:

“How did such a fair damsel get lost?” As dark as it was, his eyes seemed to gleam in the shadows.
“I don’t know. I am not very good with directions.” Especially in a different country, half pickled.
“I’d say you found your way perfectly.” Melodic in its lilt, his voice became husky as his fingers grazed her cheek, igniting a fiery path in their wake.
“W-what are you doing, Sean?” Kelly asked softly. Her skin tingled under his touch, but his sudden forwardness stunned her.
“Were you not warned about the Gánconágh?” She could hear the smile in his voice. “You’re on a fairy hill.”
Kelly looked down at where she had been sitting earlier. She was on a hill, with a tree. He kept caressing her face, and she felt lulled by the warmth. “I guess I should be more careful.”
“No, you are exactly where you should be.”
Kelly had no idea what to say to such a comment. “I didn’t think you even noticed me,” Kelly confessed softly.
“A beautiful maiden on my hill? How could I not?”
The hard pad of his thumb lightly brushed her collarbone, stoking need with every movement. Doubts about his interest cleared quickly, but her head swam as she struggled to shift gears with this rapid turn of events.
“It’s hard to think when you do that.” Could he feel the erratic throb of her pulse he caused?
“How about when I do this?”
Sean’s mouth descended over hers, and all Kelly could register was disbelief as the tip of his tongue darted out to lick the seam of her mouth, enticing her to shyly part her lips and allow him full access. His tongue surged inside, mating expertly with hers as his hands cradled her face. Even in her hottest fantasies, a man had never kissed her like this. Desire warred with her confusion.
Breathless, she pulled back abruptly from their kiss.
“I don’t really understand what is happening here. I wasn’t expecting this.”
“Yes you were. You know the consequence of being here, don’t you?” He brushed a stray curl from her cheek as she replayed his words from the pub, heat flooding her face.
“Yes.” You were going to protect me. Then I said I might not want protection—
“Aren’t you here to be seduced?” His question hung lazily in the air, but Kelly sensed the rigid control he exerted over himself, the slight rag of his breath. She didn’t pause this time.
His mouth claimed hers again, and this time, Kelly was truly lost. His hands knotted into her hair to draw her closer, his hard erection wedging against her belly, making Kelly gasp. Sean scooped her up in his sturdy arms then lay her down gently on the ground where he joined her.
Dimly, Kelly realized she couldn’t taste the Guinness on his tongue from earlier. His breath was honeyed and sweet, like the grass around them. Sean’s smell was stronger and muskier than she noticed at the pub, as though the soil was a part of him. The dimness served only to enhance her other senses, as she memorized every tantalizing, erotic detail.
Tracing her jaw line, his lips trekked hotly down the column of her throat. This exciting, near stranger was doing intoxicating things with his hands as they molded to her breasts over her shirt. Old Kelly would have protested this too soon intimacy, but new Kelly, post-Liam, had been feeling as sexy as a lump of clay, and this wonderful, gorgeous, sexy man was just what she needed.
She sucked in a deep breath as he slowly lifted her shirt, exposing her small mounds to the bite of the night air. Her breasts felt impossibly full and heavy, aching for his caress. Her nipples hardened, and Sean grunted with approval as his fingers sought a stiffened peak, rolling it gently. Pleasure spiked through Kelly, almost bordering pain. Weightless, Kelly moaned softly as he captured the tight bud greedily with his mouth.
Anticipation thrummed through her body as a rush of moisture pooled between her legs. Kelly couldn’t remember being turned on this quickly before—and by a near stranger! She pushed the thought out of her head as his roughened palms kneaded her breasts, awakening all her nerve endings with delicious friction. Her flesh was on fire and Sean knew just how to touch her. It was like magic. Kelly fought a giggle. Fairy magic!
Kelly’s heart slammed inside her chest as Sean’s lips devoured her, demanding her submission as his hands roamed her body hungrily. An instant of panic overtook her as she heard the snap of her jeans and felt the cool night air hit her navel. His hands smoothly pulled her clothes off until she lay almost naked in his arms, leaving only a thin, lacy thong. Her legs quaked helplessly as he touched her thighs, coaxing them open to the searing upward path of his hand.
Kelly dissolved as his movements met the lacy edge of her underwear, sucking in her breath as he grazed the scalloped edging of the material and traced the satiny area where her flesh met the fabric. Her pelvis tilted forward, unbidden. His fingers hooked into the elastic of her panties and dipped inside, causing Kelly to whimper as he reached her hot, wet core, her pussy fluttering at the first contact. He raked his nails lightly over her labia, making her body vibrate, before easing into her folds to stroke the most sensitive part of her with knowing fingers.

Umm, yeah okay, who wouldn't want some Irish Magic...? Lol....

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Sexy, Sweaty and Stripped...the Alpha Males of WWE

Oh gosh I have a confession...sweaty, half naked men grappling has become my new obsession.
A pic of wrestler Randy Orton, otherwise known as the Viper...rough and ready  for action here
Just like those gladiators of yore, men fighting each other to prove the ultimate dominance has always been hot, and demanding an audience. 

It's just I wasn't one of them, until recently.

I had watched wrestling years before when it was on television--at other people's houses. I had some mild interest--I was even able to name some of the top wrestlers of the time. This has become altogether  different, where I am snatching the converter out of my hubby's hand as the clock inches forward to eight o'clock to see the best of testosterone fueled rage being pummeled out of various opponents.

It all started innocently enough. My poor hubby has all but given up getting me into hockey. Canadian men and their hockey addiction cannot be easily dismissed, but for me, watching men skate around chasing a puck never peaked my interest. In fact, I couldn't name one single sport I cared about. Even the Olympics produced a yawn out of me, which is damn unpatriotic of me I know. 

It started as a bit of a joke, when my husband started flicking on WWE a few months ago. "Look, there's your countryman. I bet you like him." The countryman, was in fact an Irish man sharing my heritage, who I learned held the current WWE Heavy Weight title. With  flaming red hair and blue eyes, this big brute of a man had a complexion so pale his hard sculpted muscles could have been carved in marble. Unusual looking, yes. Even striking. I nodded vaguely at the tv screen. 

Red hair, blue eyes and fierce Celtic pride...a bit of alright!
This teasing continued as the weeks went on, with my husband watching and joking about my 'crush' that he had designated me with. I found myself staring at this man, who I learned was called Sheamus and billed as the Celtic Warrior, and starting to notice his thighs are like massive tree trunks. In fact, his muscular body is so proportional it's like Michaelangelo designed him. He obliterates his opponents with sheer brutality and fierce strength. God, is that sexy. However politically incorrect it could be considered, seeing a man who could protect you is a deep seated primal need that no woman should have to explain. Seeing his chest heaving with exertion, his body coated with sweat as he wins yet another match, puts my heart all aflutter. I mean, this is the call of my Celtic ancestors stirring my blood I am sure. How can I be expected to fight it? Add these soap opera inspired WWE stories, and I am suddenly hooked.
Sheamus, WWE Heavy Weight Champion and his aforementioned awesome thighs

But suddenly my husband isn't laughing anymore. Seeing my eyes riveted to a pro-athlete is no longer funny to him. He glowers as he tells me he will challenge Sheamus to a fight over me, even if he loses. I look over at my  husband, admiring his own broad shoulders. Sure my husband doesn't fight for a living, but there is no one with more testosterone than he--especially if I was threatened. This is the man who chased a man down who disrepected me, and swore to him he 'would break every bone in his body' if he did it again.

So would he fight Sheamus? Yes he would. And that is even sexier. Having my own alpha at home. 

I still like wrestling.  A lot. It reminds me of the things I like about men, particularly my own.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Secret Cravings Publishing here I come!

I was just whinging away recently about not writing for a long protracted time due to juggling school and work (and exhaustion!) until finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...or in this case, the light at the end of my English degree...and being able to pick up my various projects at last.

After a frenzy of writing and polishing, I got a few projects finished and sent out, and I am utterly delighted to be joining the Secret Cravings Publishing family. I have two stories contracted out, Donovan's Blues, and Irish Magic, that will be available in the near future.

In the meantime, if you want to check them out, here is the link to Secret Cravings Publishing. As for me, I am still busy writing away, and waiting excitedly for these upcoming releases...!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Review: 'Not So Pure' is Pure Fun

Blurb for 'Not So Pure'
White runs from her prison of a past and enters into a sexual deal with seven men that alters the course of her life for eternity. Caught between her need to take control and making up for her serious lack of good sex, she enters a wonderland of kinky possibilities with men who show her Prince Charming’s come in all shapes and sizes. For White and her men—once upon a time doesn’t cut it—three or four times sound just about right.

With each partner—not always one at a time—White beats back her trust issues. But the shadow of her past comes back to haunt them all. Now she must introduce them to her personal battle hoping they’ll fight beside her as their sinful nights turn into hellish days. Happily ever after isn’t by the books anymore.

Book Review by Chloe Waits:

By now everyone knows how hot fairytale reboots are, particularly Snow White, with not one but two movie versions out this year alone. And who could forget those two prime time t.v. shows: Grimm, and Once Upon at Time? 

Elise Hepner was well ahead of the curve with her work, Not So Pure, published by the decadent Ellora's Cave. This fairytale reboot is a fun frolic through the Dark Forest, and a sexy personal journey of one woman's growth and perseverance. Hepner's character of Snow White is a bit damaged by her time with her evil stepmother, but she is a strong survivor who is able to use her desire for lust to help heal her wounded psyche and learn to trust and love. Steaming sex is the salve that saves her, and with seven seductive dwarves, there is plenty of satisfaction.

Hepner spins a compelling yarn that appeals to anyone that likes a strong and believable heroine, and likes their white hot heroes in multiples!

I give 'Not so Pure' 4 out of five stars.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ermm...cue the Fanfare, I am back from Hiatus...!

Well, juggling full time school, full time work and a dozen other priorities finally caught up with me about eighteen months back.

Exhausted, and having the worse writer's block of my life, I finally decided it was break time.
(cue the violins...)

But I am finally emerging from my self imposed isolation from the wintery world of writing wasteland.

So, you're all dying to know, what's the status on my English Degree? I am done as of a month ago, yippeee!
Finally, time for me again. Which means writing.

As I attempted to log back into accounts I was literally locked out of, I was greeted with 27,000+ emails. Were these from people all clamouring to get in touch with me, eager for more writing?
Mostly, I had hundreds  upon hundreds of forum digests from all the lovely yahoo groups I am apart of.
As I dust off my correspondence, I am happy to report I also dusted off works in progress, and have two stories out for consideration.

I will be playing catch up for the next little while, but for your enjoyment, I am including some eye candy-

Oh my ginger love Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy (great season finale, by the way...) ENJOY!