Saturday, February 27, 2010

Erotic Love in the Spring Time!

Choo Choo! All aboard!
Your Conductor for this blogspot, Chloe Waits, calling out the second stop of the RomanceWritersBehavingBadly blog tour!

All of you look a bit bundled up there. Are we all ready to slip off our snow boots and bulky coats and go uncovered, and unencumbered, into the crisp air of spring?

I know I am! (I bet you already got warmed up from visiting Jeanne St James!)

There is a pagan Spring Celebration called Ostara which celebrates the coming of spring, new growth and fertility. Pagans celebrate by chanting, dancing and meditation. Everyone thinks about what they desire, and then passes a large paper around to write their yearning on it. The paper is then lit and the ashes from it fall into a bowl of earth. The ashes and soil are mixed together and planted to facilitate the manifestation of these desires. After this rite, the feast welcoming spring is enjoyed.

(courtesy of Llewellyn Calendars)
Feel like frisky frolicking? Spring is in the air!

Even if you’re not a pagan, this is the time to sweep away the chill of frigid winter by welcoming the spring. Especially, Erotic Love in the Spring Time. Just like the pagan ritual, I want you to write down your deepest desire. And just like layers of winter clothing coming off, peel away those inhibitions and meditate on your truest, most hidden erotic wish. Write it down.
Write down that secret erotic love wish!

You can give it to a lover to make it come true. Don’t have a lover? Burn it and mix those ashes with soil and plant it. Watch that desire manifest.
Getting Warmed up for Spring!

Need more ideas? Looking to keep those desires stoked? Keep reading at RWBB. We have many naughty minds thinking up ways to behave badly. And many books to give away! All with ideas to kick off your Spring into high gear.

Let's choo choo over to Elise Hepner now and see what misbehaving she's up to! Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dark Diva Reviews Flesh for Fantasy

I was delighted to receive a review at the awesome site of Dark Diva Reviews. All the Divas are superfriendly, and I love hanging out there finding out about the latest books. Here's what reviewer Deb said about Flesh for Fantasy

Deb's Review
: "First off, I have to say that Flesh for Fantasy by Chloe Waits gives the reader a spell binding look into a woman’s desire to find herself and really live one moment at a time; to let herself be free to explore. The feel of this book is pleasurable and heartwarming. The question is, will Cynthia and Mark have a happy ending? Or will Cynthia never be able to truly let her inner passions free?

Cynthia's character intrigues me to a point I often found myself wondering what made her make the choice in her first job. I found myself rooting for her to overcome and succeed. Every woman has her own passions; I am glad she found what she needed.

Mark is an enigma. I really did not get too much from his character, but there is enough to make this story work. What he brings to Cynthia's world rocks!

I couldn’t find one thing I did not like about this book; it has strong first and second level characters and a plotline that will hold any reader’s interest. I also found a little trickery in this story as well. All I can say about this without giving it away is pay attention to the characters.

If you are looking for a hot, yet sweet, short read, then Flesh for Fantasy by Chloe Waits is a must have for your book collection. I am certainly glad I gave it a try."

Rated 4 ½ Delightful Divas by Deb!

Thanks so much Deb for reviewing my work! DDR is doing a book draw over there to win a copy, all you have to do to enter is comment by March 1st:

Winner Announcement for Flesh for Fantasy Giveaway

Congratulations to Booklover0226 for winning the draw for the Flesh for Fantasy book giveaway! And thanks to all that entered. If you'd still like to win, it's not too late, there is another contest currently at Dark Diva Reviews, open until March 1st. Leave a comment, and one lucky winner is drawn again to receive a copy of Flesh for Fantasy:

And, I'll be doing draws again in the near future!
You can always visit RomanceWritersBehavingBadly, a huge book draw is going on over there in the next!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My First Review for Flesh for Fantasy!

WOOT! Here is my first review for Flesh for Fantasy.

Review for Flesh for Fantasy,

Reviewed by Erotic Romance Author Keta Diablo:

"A lot of story is packed into the short Flesh for Fantasy. The characterization and plot pulled me in from page one and kept me turning the pages until the end.

Cynthia is at a crossroads in her life, going through a divorce, disillusioned with love and mistrustful of men. To assist with her college expenses she takes a job for a Fantasy sex line and forces herself to engage in talk-dirty-to-me lingo to pay her rent under the pseudonym of Cheyenne. A mysterious man named Mark soon becomes her regular customer in the phone sex department. Rather than using his fifteen minutes for his own sexual gratification, he’s intent on finding out more about Cheyenne and her wildest sexual fantasies.

The story was sizzling hot and well written. I loved how the relationship developed over a period of time through phone sex – a unique twist. Mark is a character you come to admire, and I found myself silently telling Cynthia (Cheyenne) to trust him.

Kudos Ms. Waits! You delivered hot sex, a great plot and admirable characters to boot. I give Flesh for Fantasy 4.5 stars!"

Keta Diablo


TIME IS HERE! to behave badly!

With who?
RomanceWritersBehavingBadly, that's who! Tons of fun fabulous writers like Jeanne St James, Mary Quast and more have banded together to make it their mission to make you misbehave! Oh the fun we'll have (wiggles eyebrows suggestively) . Our official kick off is today, following by an exciting blog tour! Did we mention the prizes? There's lots of prizes, so come on over and say hello and start following to learn how to win!

See you there!
http://romancewrite rsbehavingbadly. blogspot. com/

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I'm Getting Ready to Behave Badly (at the new RWBB blog)

This weekend Sunday February 21st marks the weekend kick off to a new blog I am so proud to be a part of, RomanceWritersBehavingBadly.
I am very happy to be part of a large group of writers I admire as we think up all kinds of naughtiness and ways to misbehave!

Come and join us for the fun!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flesh for Fantasy Book Giveaway Contest

Yes my friends, that's right, giving away a copy of Flesh for Fantasy, my new release from Phaze.

I am leaving it open for a week. I will draw one lucky winner to receive a copy of my hot and steamy contemporary erotic romance.
Just leave a comment and answer this question: What 80's song was this book named for? Who sung the song?


'Cheyenne' is every man’s fantasy—over the phone. Playing the popular fantasy mate, Cynthia Stewart seduces callers nightly, despite swearing off men in real life.

Separated and struggling to reclaim her career, Cynthia's heart and libido are simply on the shelf. All this talk about fantasies has little effect on her.

Until Cynthia meets a man who wants to know hers.

All of them.

Opening up her private thoughts is a big step for Cynthia. Yet she can’t resist the man who describes himself like the perfect tall, dark, handsome stranger. And his calls slowly push her personal and sexual boundaries open.

But Cynthia starts to wonders if this is someone she can truly trust. Because she has been giving him the blue print to seduce her for real...

Flesh for Fantasy released today at Phaze

I am very excited that my new erotic contemporary romance, Flesh for Fantasy is out at Phaze today...cartwheels!

'Cheyenne' is every man’s fantasy—over the phone. Playing the popular fantasy mate, Cynthia Stewart seduces callers nightly, despite swearing off men in real life.

Separated and struggling to reclaim her career, Cynthia's heart and libido are simply on the shelf. All this talk about fantasies has little effect on her.

Until Cynthia meets a man who wants to know hers.

All of them.

Opening up her private thoughts is a big step for Cynthia. Yet she can’t resist the man who describes himself like the perfect tall, dark, handsome stranger. And his calls slowly push her personal and sexual boundaries open.

But Cynthia starts to wonders if this is someone she can truly trust. Because she has been giving him the blue print to seduce her for real...

Excerpt for Flesh for Fantasy:

Getting into character Cynthia answered breathily, “Hello, this is Cheyenne.”

Cheyenne,” the voice drew out the word as though savoring the sound. “That is such a pretty name.” The deep masculine tones were authoritative. “But, I would rather know your real name. I am sure it’s even better.”

This man wasn’t a fool. Unlike most men, he knew she gave him a stage name. Rather than denying the truth, she said smoothly, “How about you call me Cheyenne?”

“My name is Mark, Cheyenne. I am six-foot-two, well built. Dark eyes and dark hair. Living and working in the downtown core.”

This call was really shaping up to be different. Usually they only wanted to hear about her looks. He actually wanted to participate, to be let in on the fun.

“Sounds yummy. I am a strawberry blonde with very long hair. Blue eyes, five-foot-five, curvy and tanned.” And I wear a bunny tail, too. She smirked to herself.

He chuckled. “That sounds like a playboy spread. I have a little more sophisticated taste. What would I have to do to get a real description?”

Her heart started to race. She got a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Yup, there wasn’t much of a bounce to this plain bunny.

“Okay, maybe you’ll give me a different description when you get to know me better. I would like us to know each other very well.”

In spite of herself Cynthia felt intrigued. She purred, “I would like to learn all about you Mark, like what turns you on.”

Cheyenne, I would really love you to tell me what turns you on. I don’t want to hear just what you think I want to hear from you. This isn’t about what I want.”

Knocked out of her canned responses, Cynthia was speechless. Maybe someone should pay this guy to talk on the phone.

“Do you like to be made love to slowly, or fast, and urgent? Do you dream of someone who knows your desires? The true ones. Tell me.” She heard the soft seductive command in his voice. “Cheyenne, have you ever had a man that knew your wants intimately? That knew your true fantasies?”

Cynthia couldn’t block out the flood of erotic images that went through her head.


The acknowledgement came out almost as a whisper before she could stop herself.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Guest Blogging at Whipped Cream Reviews

Just wanted to put the word out I am doing a guest blog today at Whipped Cream Reviews tied in to my new release, Flesh for Fantasy, that should be out later today through Phaze. The topic is about erotic talk.

Come on by, if you feel like eavesdropping...wink

Whipped Cream Reviews Chloe Waits Blog

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Review for Keta Diablo's Land of Falling Stars

Blurb for Land of Falling Stars:

Penniless, her parents and brother dead, Sophia Whitfield struggles to save her beloved childhood home during the Civil War. Another bluecoat is staggering down the hill, but before Sophia allows him to rob and pilfer like the others, she shoots him. How is she to know it is Gavin, the dark knight of her youth, carrying secrets too horrific to imagine and a passion that ignites her deepest desires?

As Sophia gradually learns Gavin's secrets-and enjoys his talents in the bedroom-she discovers how to finally know her own heart. Can she save the Land of Falling Stars, or will she lose it all to the horrors of the War and Reconstruction? And will the Southern lady and the Yankee soldier be able to recapture the bliss of their youth - this time in each other's arms?

Buy Link

Chloe Waits Review

Okay, I have to admit, after hearing Keta Diablo's name quite a bit for erotic romance, I had to snip over to her blog, Keta's Keep, and check it out a little awhile back.

cool blog. I was enticed by the icons that allowed me to browse the pages of her work.

Land of Falling Stars
lured me in immediately with its lyrical title, and hot cover art. I was instantly captivated by the haunting love story of Gavin and Sophie. So much so I bought it on the spot.

And, I am very glad I did. Engaging, fully realized characters, with a passionate love story that is at once steamy and tender. Gavin won me over as a intense hero fighting against his demons, and Sophie as a heroine trying to reconcile her heart and the past. Complexly layered plot and conflicts added to this poignant tale of star crossed love. Keta Diablo has created a historical romance that manages to blend all these elements with a subtle maestro's touch. I will definitely look forward to reading her work again very soon!

Rating: Five out of Five

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love and hate the Internet

Okay, so I am an admitted technophobe.

Of course, I have had to give in to my fears often and join this century. But there has been a general pattern for me with technology I've observed. Kind of like the grief process.
Denial. Anger. Bargaining. And a grudging sort of acceptance.

Growing up, my family was a step behind most. We were one of the last neighbourhood families to get cable. I think everyone had an answering machine before us, with me voting to be the very last hold out. I remember poking it suspiciously when we finally got one and plugged it in. After time I was won over, even doing impersonations for greetings on it. (My Dr Ruth Westheimer was a howler). But it was a very long process to get there.

I guess despite my Luddite tendencies, I am usually be won over by convenience in the end.

Still, I've only had a cell phone for 3 years, which I got when I needed it for work. Before this, I would argue with telemarketers offering me a free phone for a contract about the safety of microwave technology. (And no, nuking your head is not a good thing to me!). Understandably, it's not turned on, or even charged up most of the time. But I do have one.

So that brings us to the other wave of the future, the internet. I did not get on the internet until I was in my mid twenties or so. ( I am 37 now). All my friends were already on it. I would get so mad at companies offering website addresses I had no intention of visiting. But the writing was on the wall. This was the way of the future, and while I might rail against it, I would have to join or get left behind.

Of course, the grudging acceptance is actually closer to love in this case. I love what it can do. I love connecting with people and information in seconds. It confounds me and frustrates me, but when it works I love it. (And that's all it needs to do to make me happy. Work. I remember my Dad trying to show me stuff on the Mac as my eyes glazed over. Even now, I don't need to know how it works, I just want it

I remember my good friend author Mahalia Levey trying to coax me onto Yahoo chat, patiently explaining all the abbreviations used. So what's the problem? Now I can't get off it. Because there are too many ways to stay connected now. I have my site, my blog, myspace...don't get me started that I have my emails as me, and then ones as my writing alter ego. If I wanted to I could stay connected for 24 hours a day. And every time I turn around, there is a new exciting thing.

I can't look at Twitter yet.

So I love and hate the internet. It's part of the process I guess. A grudging sort of acceptance. I have to go and work on some blogs for Whipped Cream I have coming out in a few weeks. It's all part of it. And I like doing it, believe me. But the more I am on, the less I have time to do my romance writing.

Oh, the double edged sword! I think I will fall on it now :)

as Hales says, TTYL.