Saturday, October 24, 2009

Demon of Desire reviewed as a You Gotta Read

Well I was waiting on tether hooks for my first review to come out, and it finally did...

You Gotta Read Reviews says Demon of Desire is a You Gotta Read!
Needless to say I was blown away, and very happy. Thank you, You Gotta Read Reviews!

Review from Robin:" After reading this story, you will question what you desire and if it is really worth getting that desire in the end. Sarah wants to be swept away for a night of passion. However, getting this night could cost her her true hearts desire, love and acceptance. Will she end up with her true hearts desire? Please read to find out, you will not be disappointed..

There are a few scenes some people might find offensive. I felt in order for this story to be told they needed to be written. I'm looking forward reading more of Chloe Waits work in the future. I can't wait to see what issues she tackles next. "

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Demon of Desire...the book, and now the song( by Dead is Better)

Floating around myspace I have made some great friends--among the most recent a kick ass Alt Goth Rock band, Dead is Better, featuring the wicked bass lines of the beautiful Yu Mei.

The seductive spell of their music is intoxicating, and I was tickled pink to hear that in liking the title Demon of Desire, they wanted to use it for one of their songs.

You can enjoy them on myspace by clicking this link: Dead is Better.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Interview with Raine Delight

Oh the blushes!

Yes I had my first interview with Erotic Romance Author Raine Delight, who graciously
hosted me over on her blog spot.

You can come see it over on her blog and be sure to check out Raine Delight's site. She writes the yummy shapeshifter Devon Falls series that is coming out shortly at Aspen Mountain Press.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The ""You are a Great Read Award"

Well I was away this weekend, then scrambling madly to do updates since "Demon of Desire" went live yesterday. In the midst of the excitement, I was honoured (yes that's Canadian spelling ho ho) with the "You are a great Read Award" by the profound passionate pen of Jude Mason (I am using Canadian spelling for my fellow Canadian author).
Oh, the blushes!
Thank you Jude!
So I will do the required top ten list, with my favourite (spelling again!)
Indian dishes...

1. Butter Chicken (just think about the name...yum)
2. Malai Kofta (cream sauce, nut and veggie dumplings)
3. Chicken Tikka (arrives simmering on a metal plate)
4. Matter paneer (spicy tomato based peas and cheese)
5. Curry Beef (spicy fragrant beef)
6. Curry Goat (the only time I have eaten goat...)
7. Aloo Gobi (spicy potatoes and cauliflower)
8. Curry chicken (spicy chicken)
9. naan bread (not techniquely a dish but very necessary to scoop up sauces)
10. Pulao rice (same function as naan bread)

And now, I get to bestow this honour on ten others as the gracious recipient of it...

Brenna Lyons, Leigh Ellwood, Marie Rochelle, Stephanie Morris, Jae Knight, Bridget Midway,C. Sanchez-Garcia, Robin Glasser, Crymsyn Hart

Please note, you can click on these author's names to get to at least one of their internet dwellings (some have multiple ones) I know you will want to check out their sites and writing!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Demon of Desire out now at Phaze

Demon of Desire

Here is an excerpt for Demon of Desire, out today at Phaze...

Sarah squinted to see the large, looming form of the mystery man from the night before. How had he gotten inside her bedroom? Her apartment was up on the fourth floor, and anyone needed to pass security to enter downstairs. She started to tremble.

This can’t be happening! Am I dreaming?
”You’re not real...are you?” she said shakily.
“Why would you think that,” he replied silkily. “I am quite real to you, am I not?”
The room filled with preternatural light. He was dressed exactly as the night before, down to the white mask hiding part of his face.
“Yes, but...” she breathed. The covers drifted off the bed, leaving her exposed in her silk nightgown. They had moved of their own accord. Was he real? A hallucination? A ghost of some kind?
“Why–why are you here?”
“We’re not finished from the night before.”
In spite of her fear, a heat ignited inside Sarah. The stranger took a step towards her, moving with an easy, feral grace. Her body leaned towards his as the distance closed rapidly between them. Her nipples were tight and drawn out, as though reaching for him. They stood out in sharp relief against the silk of her gown. The lips of her sex swelled with his approach.
Sarah’s nightgown slipped off her shoulders as though unseen hands stripped the garment away. Towering over her now, he took her small hands in his, raising her up to stand in front of him. His movements caused the nightgown to puddle on the floor at her feet.
This wasn’t possible. It must be a dream or something. But if he wasn’t real how was this happening? His lips were so full, curved in a dangerous smile, teeth gleaming.
“How are you doing these things?” she asked tremulously. “Who are you?”
Sarah usually covered her nakedness but his dark gaze mesmerized her, compelled her to expose herself to him. Heat continued to sear through her, quelling some of the panic.
“I have so many names.” His finger traced her jaw lightly, voice sounding jaded and amused.
“Are you a ghost––or something?”
“I am what you need ...and what you asked for.”
Sarah trembled as he tipped her face up to his and devoured her lips in a consuming kiss. She arched against him helplessly as his hands explored her body. On fire, she no longer cared who or what this man was. Only that he was her lover––her perfect, mystery lover.