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Fall Blog Tour

 Yup, it's that time again!

I am the last stop on the Fall Blog Tour, you should be coming from our lovely vixen Valerie Mann's page.

A slight crisp in the air, making us want to borrow into a nice, strong set of manly arms to keep that gentle bite of cold out.

Or, how about a few sets of manly arms? We are giving books away as exciting prizes to keep out that chill.

"Winner's Choice" is an exciting option.Maybe you dream of being a member of the Mile High Club? Or is a hot western man, or a vampire your type; one you are Bound by Rebellion to Breed True to? Should we Double Dare you to this Flesh for Fantasy? I am sure it stirs a Blood Fever to picture being in romantic Crape Myrtle. You won't be a Lonely Soul if you are Holding on to Heaven!

(I am so glad I cannot hear the groans about my word play from my computer, lol) My point is, we have books to give away for each genre and taste to keep you truly satisfied this Autumn.

Be sure to comment on every blog to be entered to win. Here's a list of the blogs in order, plus the books up for grabs.

Christa Paige
 Bound By Rebellion
Keta Diablo
Holding On To Heaven
Gem Sivad
Breed True
Mary Quast
Lonely Soul
Dawne Prochilo
Crape Myrtle
Jeanne St James
Double Dare
Savanna Kougar
Winners Choice of Savanna's backlist
Sara Brookes
Blood Fever: Rebirth Book 2
Valerie Mann
Mile High Club and a $5 Amazon gift card
Chloe Waits
Flesh For Fantasy

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Hot and Steamy Days and Nights


You should have just visited the inimitable Jeanne St James if you've landed here.

Thinking of Hot and Steamy Days and Nights, I was working on a little scene inspired by it----

Trina's day couldn't have gotten worse if she tried. Standing in the window in her skivvies for the neighborhood busybodies to see was the height of embarrassment. That circumstance immobilized her in this ignoble position made it even worse. Sweat trickled between her breasts, making the thin material of her undershirt adhere to her moist flesh, as her wrist smarted unbearably.

At 100 degrees, Trina couldn’t stand being fully clothed in her apartment. Her air conditioner had picked a hell of a time to stop working. And she had picked a hell of a time to start fiddling with the old window in the living room half sealed with paint, hoping for a scant breeze to flutter through. Yanking the stiff pane, she’d been so excited as the offending item finally gave way, which quickly turned to panic as it started crashing down. On her wrist.

She flexed it gingerly. Nothing appeared to be broken at least.

She’d been signaling to the elderly gentleman across the street her distress, until his furious wife closed their drapes. Her scandalized neighbors probably believed she stood there to give a free show. In truth, Trina stood utterly trapped and helpless.

SO....ripe with many possibilities, should Trina be rescued by :

A. A Roving Team of Hunky Firemen?                                         

B. A Sexy Alien on a mission here to save his dying race?

C. Her Hot Ex who lives next door?

D. A Bad Ass cop?

Please let me know how you would like this scene finished!

                                               These Firemen do housework too!

Next stop is the lovely and wild Savanna Kougar

Don't forget, you need to leave a comment on EVERY blog for a chance to win... Enjoy the tour and have a GREAT summer!  

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Guest Author Kayelle Allen Interview and new release

One of my friends and fellow authors at RWBB blog has an exciting new release
For Women Only from Loose Id out today. She dropped by my blog to share a peek at her release and tell us more about what makes her tick!

**Warning: this book contains smokin' hot sex, humor, and angst. This combination has been proven to be addictive.**
Content: Explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: kidnapping, some violence, reference to abuse, reference to off-screen male rape
For Women Only
When Kin Ambassador Mehfawni Ruh visits the capitol planet of the Tarthian Empire, she meets the human Khyff Antonello, a master of pleasure who satisfies her every craving for illicit and taboo sex. She expected a fling, but found love.
Upon discovering her own people devastated his family, she longs to restore all they destroyed, but some tragedies can never be reversed. Her family demands she cast out the human, for if she keeps Khyff, she must deny her heritage and abdicate her future as ruler of her world. Mehfawni searches for an alternative, and stumbles upon Khyff’s darkest secret. Now, she must determine whether his fragile trust is the response of love and a healing heart or a ruse for revenge.

Guest Author Interview with Kayelle Allen 

  • Can you tell me what genres you write in, and what inspired you to write?

I’ve had the writing bug since I was a kid. My mother loved to paint and write, and she was always doing crossword puzzles. I’m sure I drove her crazy with questions about words. Once time I asked her “What’s a four letter word ending in K that means intercourse?” When she gave me her huge, wide-eyed shocked-mother stare, I grinned and said, “Talk.” LOL

I write Science Fiction Romance, Fantasy, and Contemporary. Within those genres I have written erotica, erotic romance, and glbt.

  • Can you tell me something your readers may not know about you, something that they would be surprised to learn? Maybe a secret skill or fact?

I grew up all over the US and in one year, attended five different schools. My parents were vagabonds at heart. In the past twenty years, I have changed addresses three times. Once, when the city renumbered streets and we hadn’t moved at all, and the other to move into the house where we lived for twelve years. Last year, hubby went back to college and to save money, we moved in with friends. We’re six months in and so far, we’re all still friends. One year to go...

  • What was the inspiration for your most recent, or favorite hero in your writing?

I have an uber alpha who’s rich enough to buy a planet. Luc Saint-Cyr is dominating, while at the same time has a tortured past and is isolated by circumstance. When I need inspiration or to get into the flow of how he looks, carries himself, or sounds, I watch something with actor Dennis Haysbert in it. He’s currently the Allstate spokesperson. “Are you in good hands?” *melt* I love his voice, and he could portray Luc in film with no difficulty.

  • What’s his best feature or characteristic? Why would readers love him too?

Luc’s inner strength and the nobility of spirit are two of his best assets. The fact that he’s 6’5”, built like a tank and yet is capable of tenderness with his lover endears him to readers. He was first introduced in At the Mercy of Her Pleasure and was the bad guy … no, good guy … er, bad guy… Let’s say every time you saw him you would be sure he was the villain, and then the next scene he would redeem himself, only to completely tick you off in the next one. Readers emailed me wanting to know when his story was coming. I hadn’t planned one at first, but he intrigued me, too. LOL Eventually, I worked out a backstory and as I did, a lot of details popped up.

I think readers like him because part of them knows he’s dangerous, but the other part wants to pet the wild animal and make it happy. He’s known as the Harbinger, and when he can’t hear them, some call him simply “the Man.” Because he was once the head of the Thieves’ Guild, those in the underworld of crime won’t say his name at all. Why? One, he protects them, and two, he scares the dickens out of them. He’s legendary. In the book At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, Luc’s adopted son is mugged, and because the young man is half human, the cops refuse to call for help at first. Later in the story, when asked if anything is being done about the cops and their dereliction of duty, Luc responds that it’s too late for that. They’d been shot and killed only an hour before. He says it was “In the line of duty, so they tell me.” The one who asked is thinking, “I’ll just bet.”

  • Who does your hero resemble most, if he was a movie star or someone we know, and how is most likely to be dressed in your book?

As above, Dennis Haysbert. Luc wears formal business attire or evening wear. He’s quite comfortable in a tux, and manages to look fabulous even in jeans. Put him all in black, with his dark chocolate skin, and his usual solid black contacts that cover his entire eye, and Luc is six feet five inches of solid predator.

  • What would be his approach to a woman? Like a pick up line or move to seduce her?

The suave and sophisticated Luc needs no pick up lines. Women (and men) made themselves available without his having to ask. Luc enjoyed both genders, but preferred Kin males. However, in his new series, Surrender (Love, Trust, and Will), he meets his forever love, the Kin Izzorah Ceeow, and the days of being a bachelor are over. Luc wants no one else. Izzorah is nicknamed Rah, which means passion in Luc’s native language. When they meet, Luc trips over his own tongue and stammers like a teenaged boy on a first date. It’s an endearing and sweet scene.

  • Can you describe a little bit for us a hot love scene you’ve written? Or one you’ve read recently?

How about an excerpt? This is from At the Mercy of Her Pleasure, available at Loose Id.

Setting up the scene: NarrAy Jorlan has hired professional thief Senth Antonello to steal back an heirloom confiscated by the despotic empress. In itself, the item has only sentimental value, but in it, NarrAy's parents hid a code to finishing the secret technology they were developing before they were murdered. After meeting Senth in person, NarrAy returns to her ship. But she can't get the thief's image out of her head…
All People's Liberation Army Ship Jalane
Officers' Quarters

NarrAy brought Senth's image to mind, picturing him as he'd looked at the Ghost, minus his overbearing master and the audience of her aides.
"Mmm, hell-loh, Senth." Naked before him, she slid one hand up the front of his shirt. "Can I interest you in a sugar-cookie snack?"
He leaned forward, bending down to kiss her, his dark, curly hair a cloak around them. The hesitant brush of his lips against hers made her press up against him, capturing his kiss.
She pulled back enough to speak. "Hold me. Please, Senth, hold me. No one ever touches me. I'm so alone."
Senth drew her fully into his arms and embraced her, fitting the entire length of his body against hers. "I'll touch you anywhere you want, NarrAy. Everywhere you want." He slid his fingers through her hair, his smile revealing fangs. "Let me kiss you again."
NarrAy gripped his jacket with both hands and drew him down.
The wet heat of his mouth against hers brought a crest of pheromones.
Senth slid one hand down her body, cupped one of her breasts, and then bent to suckle her. His rough, catlike tongue against her sensitive skin triggered a line of heat straight to her core. Moisture seeped onto her thighs.
Senth inhaled. "Mmm. You smell so good." He slid his hand down the front of her body and pressed his palm against her outer lips. He slipped one finger between them. "You're wet." He lifted his hand to inhale her fragrance, then licked his finger. "Sweet." He went to his knees before her, his pale blue gaze lifting to hers. "May I taste you?"
She shook her head no, but her mouth said "yes." She leaned back against the wall of her cabin and widened her legs. "Please." NarrAy caressed his face. "Senth, I want your touch."

Antonello Brothers 1: At the Mercy of Her Pleasure (a Tarthian Empire Book)
Available at Loose Id 3/23/10
Format: ebook in multiple formats
Genre: Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Action Adventure
Heat level: R=explicit sex
Warnings: explicit content, kidnapping and rescue, violence, reference to former abuse and male rape, pheromone-induced seduction

  • What are you working on now, and where can readers find you on the web?

Currently, I’m working on sequels to two different books. The first is Surrender Will, sequel to Surrender Love, and Surrender Trust. The other is Antonello Brothers 3: When I Breathe. Both are Tarthian Empire books.

Chloe’s Crazy Questions

Not content to just deliver what you may already know about these writers I have on here, I delve in DEEP to their inner most psyche and massage it, until I get a psychological profile Criminal Minds would be proud of….!

The world is ending in an hour, what do you do, and who do you do it with?

KA: Ending for good, that’s it, finis, finale, end of everything? Well, dang. It wouldn’t matter what I did, really, except to be with my family. I’d want to tell them I love them one more time.

If you were a cheese, what flavor would you be, and why?

KA: Asiago. It’s sharp, good with a lot of things, and once you’ve tasted it, you don’t forget it.

Five things you can take to a desert island, what would they be?

KA: Husband, ebook reader full of books, healthy food, water, and a way off the island.

Finish this sentence: Love is like….

KA: Love is like a waterfall. Sometimes there is so much you are overwhelmed, and then in dry seasons, there is barely a trickle. But it is a waterfall, and in season, the water will be back. Don’t go wandering off. Wait for it.

Finish this sentence: my stories are like….

KA: My stories are like rich dark chocolate. If you don’t like dark chocolate, then they aren’t for you. But if you like it, you’ll find these books delicious.

Favorite action figure or action hero and why?

KA: Jack Bauer from 24. He will do anything it takes, including break the law if he has to, in order to serve the greater good. He’s scary, but I would trust him to do what he says.

Mata Hari or Mother Teresa?

KA: I would like to come across as Mother Teresa, but be Mata Hari. Kind of Mata’s style, huh?

These were fun questions, Chloe!

You can find Kayelle Allen here: 

Email   kayelle @ kayelleallen .com


The Edge of Peril - Inside the Sempervian World
Romance Lives Forever - Group
Romance Lives Forever - MySpace

Romance Lives Forever - Blog
Romance Roll Call (Military women writing Romance)
Marketing for Romance Writers

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Russell Crowe- Call him Bad Boy, but Don't Call him Irish!

First of, yes, I have seen Robin Hood, and enjoyed it. Russell Crowe's latest film efforts is a crowd pleaser. He and Cate Blanchett light up the screen with their understated chemistry, and there are arrows flyin' galore.
I was thinking about the casting of Russell Crowe as the legendary hero, and this mischief maker is perfect!

 Be careful who you point that arrow at!

Russell Crowe is THE Hollywood Bad Boy.
Case in point?

I read with much amusement about a recent radio interview when Russell got a mite steamed at being told his accent for the movie sounded 'a bit Irish'.

I believe his response was “You’ve seriously got dead ears if you think that’s an Irish accent.”

and later:

“I’m a little dumbfounded that you could possibly find any Irish in that character – that’s kind of ridiculous, but it’s your show.”

and finally refusing to answer any more questions he said some colorful things under his breath and walked out of the interview:


Kicking Ass and Taking Names!

Ah, Russell Crowe has lost none of his edge! He was arrested for throwing a phone at a Mercer Hotel employee because he was enraged he could not get his call out to Australia in 2005. (They later settled out of court). A new book is coming out discussing his various misdeeds and misbehavin'. But would you really want Russell any other way? Unlike the pithy soudbites and 'take my photo on my right side' image conscious stars, this man just doesn't give a sh*t! Hypermasculine, alpha, menacing and intense, Russell Crowe is going to be exactly who he is at all times.

....and it ain't Irish!


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Opinions...everyone has one

In doing this blog today I am thinking of reviews and opinions about authors, because they are so diverse. One person's Tolstoy is another person's tabloid.

I was in class when I heard fellow students ripping Stephanie Meyers to shreds, stating she was "a bad writer."

I was cringing away in the corner. I am a good ten-fifteen years older than these people, and I am reading her YA (young Adult) work because I have fallen in love with the story of Edward and Bella. And I completely disagree!

Stephanie Meyers has created memorable characters, an awesome conflict, and
a deep emotional connection and chemistry between the characters.

But guess what? That's just my opinion. For every person who loves her to death-and we know there are many-there are others that hate her work.

It's purely subjective. In fact, writing is a subjective field. Some will love an author's work, and some will hate it. No matter who the author is, and how talented and widely acclaimed. I am often astounded to see pans by critics for books I've loved, and books I hold dear.

Are these people crazy? Um, not surprisingly, I have my opinion on that...!

As hard as it is for fans, it is even harder for the authors themselves.

It can be very painful as an author, yet rejection and critical opinions are part of this life. And they can be mysterious, undeserved and downright bizarre.

That aside, criticism, can also teach us something. Are there comments that keep coming up? What can you learn from them? Certainly self reflection should be a part of different opinions we receive. Criticism, when constructive, can be a very valuable tool. They help us grow.
(Note I say constructive. I am not talking about a hatchet job done by someone with an ax to grind. Don't give these opinions another thought! Lock them away in the darkest corner of your memory!)

The thing with opinions, is no one will ever agree on everything. We can't please everyone, in life, and in work. And in writing.

So of all the opinions, trust your own.

Right Stephanie?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bunny Hop Blog Tour -Easter hottie

Okay Ladies, now that you've finished fanning yourself after visiting Elise Hepner's blogspot, at my bunny hop I have perhaps a surprise, but one I think will delight you.

Take a look at my Sexy Silver haired Sex Symbol.  Sure this baby's seen some miles but he is built to last! Vroom Vroom! 
This little bunny here would love to be caught by this sly Silver Fox! Have you seen Avatar? This is the very talented actor, Stephen Lang, who plays bad boy Colonel Quaritch. His acting credits span the incredible width of his biceps! He is a stage actor of great acclaim with a long and varied acting career in television and film as well
This is from his play "Beyond Glory" and Chloe is beyond salivating. He is Clint Eastwood sexy. How about holding me, rather than that cigar, Stephen?

Sure, he's talented, but here, I am celebrating his other, ah, attributes. Stephen first came to my attention appearing in an old 1996 HBO series called  Strangers. A rather racy series along the lines of Red Shoe Diaries, Stephen appeared in an episode, "Ceremony," playing a character called Theo. His lover makes him strip down in a mirror. Well, I truly saw Stephen's acting chops and everything else that day... the total length of his talent. God I love HBO. And full frontal male nudity.

Anyway, here he is back on my radar many years later.

This man is fifty-seven years old and incredibly smoking hot. What is it about that hot military alpha look?
In Avatar: showing scars are sexy and packing heat! And Chloe knows first hand how much

I wish they'd bring the Strangers series back, there was some great artistic merit in it. I can't find even find it to rent or buy, so you do, drop me a line. I'd love to see it, I mean him, again. He is an egg-emplary hottie of the first class!

If that got your heart pumping so will the next stop on our hop-a-long trail:

Thanks for visiting! ;)

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Guest Tierney O'Malley ~ Crazy Questions and New Release!

I am very excited that author Tierney O'Malley has stopped by my blog today to celebrate her new release, Passionate Bid! She is treating us to an excerpt, and also agreed to answer a few questions for us:

Chloe’s Crazy Questions

Not content to just deliver what you may already know about these writers I have on here, I delve in DEEP to their inner most psyche and massage it, until I get a psychological profile Criminal Minds would be proud of….!  

The world is ending in an hour, what do you do, and who do you do it with?
TO'M: I will definitely grab my laptop, open my book covers folder then stare at the gorgeous models. Okay, seriously now. I’ll spend my last hour with my children and husband. Maybe look at our past, present, and the things that we can do in the future if the world is not ending. I will tell them how our memories and dreams have kept me stronger every day.

If you were a cheese, what flavor would you be, and why?
TO'M: I want to say cheddar because it is my favorite. In fact, it’s the only kind of cheese that I like to eat. But my husband prefers Swiss cheese. So I’ll say swiss.

Five things you can take to a desert island, what would they be?
TO'M: Hmm…my husband is not a thing. So, I can’t add him, right? All right. Five things—a dozen pencils (sharpened), notebooks, one liter of water, a dozen apples, and a picture of my husband and kids.

Finish this sentence: Love is like….
TO'M: a plant. You have to nurture it to grow, to bloom. If neglected. It’ll wilt and eventually die.

Finish this sentence: My stories are like….
TO'M: sunshine on a cloudy. It gives you warmth and a happy feeling. ;)

Favorite action figure or action hero and why? 
TO'M: Wolverine. Man, he’s got the abs and the claws. Can’t beat those. :D

Mata Hari or Mother Teresa? 
TO'M: Hmm…Mata Hari was one beautiful dancer. Mother Teresa was beautiful inside and out. Was it proven that Mata Hari indeed worked as a spy? She was executed. Mother Teresa received a Nobel Peace Price. Okay, I’ll pick Mother Teresa.

Tierney O'Malley's New Release Passionate Bid Out today.

Blurb for Passionate Bid

The destiny of a man
Drop dead gorgeous veterinarian, Julian Ravenwood, has made a mistake--slept with a young virgin, Joanie Saint Claire. Forced to do the right thing, he marries her then leaves while she's still in her wedding gown.
The fate of a young woman
Joanie finds herself facing an altered life after her one night with Julian. She's left alone with a little bug who means the world to her.
The spirit of an abandoned wife
An opportunity to solve Joanie's problems comes when Julian shows up to serve her. She agrees to sign the divorce papers on one condition--he pay her one hundred thousand dollars.
The unexpected love
Julian can't believe it. His scrawny bride has grown into a seductive, attractive, and feisty woman he can't stop lusting after. And she has kept a secret that rocks his world.
Excerpt for Passionate Bid:
It was hard to explain how signing the divorce papers turned into a wonderful picnic in the woods. But whatever it was that changed things between her and Julian would end soon. What came easy would disappear in a hurry. This was momentary. Julian and she were fused together by years of regret and guilt and perhaps pity. And Sam. She should put an end to all of this. Nothing good would come out by letting Julian get too close to her.
The floorboard squeaked behind her. She didn’t turn around. She knew it was Julian. Like in the past, she always knew when he was around, even when he thought she didn’t.
“The pancake is out.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and flattened his hands on her belly.
Joanie was aware of Julian’s erection pressed intimately just above the rise of her butt. Desire quickly consumed her as he pressed hard against her. Dear God, why? After all these years, the pain and tears, she still wanted him. All of him. “She had a great time.”
“Did you have a great time?”
It was the best time of her life. One that she wouldn’t forget. “Yes. Thank you for suggesting a picnic.”
“We could do it again tomorrow and the next day. We’ll do it every day while I am here.”
While you’re here.
Julian’s hand tightened around her waist as he began to nuzzle her neck. “I love your smell.”
“Julian, why are you doing this?”
“I don’t know. All I know is I want you.”
God, she wanted to hear him say those words for years. This—with Julian—was a dream coming true. She should be happy. But what she felt right now was the opposite. “I think we need to stop this.”
“I think we should continue.”
“I’m not sure if this is wise.”
“I don’t see anything wrong with us like this. You’re my wife and I want you Joanie, badly.”
And as God as her witness, she wanted him, too. Julian’s mouth found the sensitive spot behind her ear and licked it. “Julian…please…”
“Let me love you, Joanie. Let me show you what we could have had if circumstances were totally different.”
Joanie didn’t get a chance to answer. Julian pulled the sash tying her robe and slid his hand inside to cup her breasts. The heat of his palm quickly spread around her body. Gently he massaged her breast until her nipple hardened and pushed against his palm. His mouth was hot against her skin.
Julian was breathing hard. She could feel the quick rise and fall of his chest against her back. With her good sense screaming no, she tilted her neck to the side, giving him more access to the column of her neck.
Julian removed his robe and let it drop on the floor. From behind, Julian slowly moved his hands around her to cover both of her heavy breasts. Then he started kneading them with pressure, sending delicious feelings cascading down to her warm pussy and all the way to the very tips of her toes.
“I want to touch you.” She tried to turn around but Julian stopped her.
“In time. Close your eyes, Joanie.”
“This is wicked.”
“Yes. I know.”

Buy link for Passionate Bid

About the Author
Tierney O’Malley began writing her first eBook two years ago when her youngest was in fifth grade. Her publishers are Cobblestone Press, eXtasy Books, and Red Rose Publishing. Today there are eBooks available for purchase on her list. Ms. O’Malley lives with her husband and children in Washington, and is currently working on a new novel and sets of series she recently sold.
Ms. O’Malley is always excited to hear from readers. To leave your comments, questions or suggestions, you can reach her at

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Guest Jeanne St James -"Banged Up Excerpt"!

Guest Jeanne St James shares a hot teaser
from her book, Banged Up, today!

Two scarred souls: one physically, one mentally. Both on the mend, hiding from their pasts…

Blurb for Banged Up
Mace Walker can’t wait to get home.
Being buried deep undercover for the past two years, on the most complex case of his career, has torn him down physically and mentally. Now the FBI agent has come home to recover after having his leg badly injured from a gunshot wound. Arriving home late one night, his relief is short-lived as he’s faced with a stranger pointing a gun to his head, acting like he is the one who doesn’t belong there!
Colby Parks, a biochemist at the local university, had come to town a year earlier to escape an abusive relationship. She vows never to put herself in that situation again.
Then the perfect opportunity comes along: house-sitting for Mace’s sister while making the house she purchased habitable. But she couldn’t anticipate this big snag: the one wearing the tight Levi’s and worn leather jacket, looking like he had just escaped prison.
Being forced to share a house creates sparks between them in more ways than one. However, things take a turn when their pasts catch up to them, threatening to pull them apart forever.

Chapter One
Relief flooded over Mace Walker as he twisted the key in the lock, gave the front door a shove, and stepped over the threshold. Finally home. About time.
Time to heal.
The foyer was dark, but he didn’t need to hit the light switch. Even being gone for as long as he had been, he still knew the house well enough. He made his way to the stairs and set down his bags. Those two small duffels didn’t hold much evidence of his life for the past couple of years. Just some toiletries and a few basic items of clothing.
As he straightened, the foyer lit up, blinding him for a second. He blinked when a young voice rang out from the top of the steps. “Hold it right there! Put your arms up and back away from the stairs.”
What the fuck?
Mace had expected to see his sister bounding down the stairway of his two-story colonial, excited after not seeing her brother for the past two years. Actually, more like one year, eleven months and fifteen days. Not that he was counting. But instead, he stared up into the deadly eye of a Glock. And from his viewpoint it looked like a model 23, a .40 caliber. A compact but still a decent sized gun in a very small, very uneasy hand. Instantly, the hairs on the back of his neck rose.
Damn. He’d dealt with crime bosses and their flunkies--from drug to porno rings--and had managed to survive. Now he was going to be killed by some measly punk he surprised while burglarizing his house? The cruel irony made him want to laugh. Instead, he did as he was instructed. With caution, he raised his hands above his head before stepping back toward the middle of the foyer. He avoided standing directly under the light, trying to get a better view of the top of the steps. But he didn’t have much success; the upstairs hallway and the upper section of the stairway were hidden in shadows.
If he played his cards right, this little situation would be under his control in no time at all. He just had to keep the kid calm and make the skinny punk believe he was the one in command. From experience, Mace knew the Glock didn’t have a conventional safety. All the kid had to do was pull the trigger and pull it again and again until all the rounds in the clip emptied into Mace’s body. And from what he could see in the limited light, the kid’s fingers were twitching from nervousness.
Not a good sign.
Where had a young punk gotten an expensive handgun like that? It certainly hadn’t been in the house. And if it had been, it would have been locked up in the gun safe.
If only he could see the boy’s face. He needed to see the eyes. Without seeing his eyes, Mace couldn’t even begin to predict what the kid would do.
“Don’t you dare move or I’ll blow your face off!” The kid’s voice raised an octave, making him sound more and more like ... a girl.
Tension ran through Mace’s body as the person started down the steps. At first he could see bare toes, a slim calf, then another. His gaze flicked to the gun, before returning to the shapely naked thighs which couldn’t belong to a kid--no way. Especially not a boy. Those smooth legs definitely belonged to a woman--and he couldn’t wait to see the rest of her. So far, the view almost made it worth being held at gunpoint. Almost.
He was disappointed when an oversized T-shirt--shit, was that Marmaduke on it?--blocked his view of creamy flesh. His arms were tired, his leg throbbed painfully, and his patience was wearing thin. But he still wasn’t going to move, since he had no idea who this woman descending the stairs was. His curiosity piqued when she stepped down into the light, which highlighted her long, curly red hair and made her wide, green--glaring--eyes sparkle and snap.
A twitch shot through his lower stomach and landed in his groin. Fear or pain didn’t make him suck in his breath. It was her unrestricted breasts bobbing under the cotton shirt with each step she took. Her nipples stood out like two beacons under the worn cotton. Jesus.
He had to clear his throat twice before he could ask her, “Are you robbing this house, dressed like that?”

5 diamonds at Got Erotic Romance!

"Banged Up is an action packed, erotic adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. The sexual tension starts building as soon as Mace and Colby lay eyes on one another, and their relationship just gets hotter and hotter until their passion explodes. The dialog is fast paced and evocative, leading their relationship along at a fast pace. There’s humor, drama, tragedy, and some really hot sex. This book has something for everyone and will keep you guessing about the ending right up to the last page. I couldn’t put it away and I plan to read it again. I definitely give this book 5 Heats and recommend you read it as soon as possible."

4.5 hearts at The Romance Studio!

"Ms. Jeanne St. James has written a great book full of explicit sexuality and overloaded with suspense. There was more than one problem facing these main characters and St. James has integrated the storyline into love/hate/fear in such a way that it was impossible to put down. These two people were both full of past problems which continued to invade their presents and futures. Again, the author has presented the conflicts, as well as the sexual exploitations, in a great way.
There were other characters that made the story complete. They enhanced the plot and kept the story fast-paced and interesting. The actions, both sexual as well as the suspense-filled pursuits were fascinating. This book is definitely not for the faint of heart. I recommend that you read this book. You will enjoy it, I’m sure."

4 blue ribbons at Romance Junkies!

"Jeanne St. James has written an exceptional high action drama. From page one you will be captured by BANGED UP.The dialogue is superbly written and the plot allows you to be kept on the edge of your seat. For those seeking an action packed thriller, I highly recommend to add this title to your must read list."

4 whips at Bella's Erotic Reviews!

"Jeanne St. James writes an exciting action packed romance drawing the reader in from page one and never letting go. I was hooked from the first page of this story. I loved Colby and her fierceness and how she overcame all that was done to her and of course Mace the brooding Alpha Male was a great character to. Even with all his macho pride he still had his doubts and insecurities. The bond that formed between these two was a beautiful thing to read. Both Mace and Colby must learn to trust each other before time runs out and it is to late. Full of action and hot romance Banged Up is a page-turner that is not to be missed."

4 heart review at Night Owl Romance Book Reviews!

"Banged up is an entertaining read..."
"... an enjoyable story."

Thanks Jeanne for sharing your work with us today. 
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Guest Jenika Snow Interview and Excerpt

Jenika Snow came to my attention visiting a loop, when I was totally sucked in by her excerpt for The Chosen: A Tale of the Blood Breed. She's graciously agreed to be here today to be interviewed and share more of her hot release. Thanks for being here Jenika!

  • Can you tell me what genres you write in, and what inspired you to write?
JS: I write erotica, although I am slowly working on a YA novel. I had always liked writing, ever since I could remember. I wrote as a child, silly little stories that probably weren’t the greatest, but they kept me busy.
It wasn’t until many years later that I started to really read romance novels. Christine Feehan was the very first paranormal romance author that I read, and because of her writing I became hooked.
Although I read a lot, I wanted to write a story but didn’t have the guts to actually go through with it. It was actually my husband that gave me that extra little nudge in the writing direction. I really do owe it to him, because without his support and encouragement to go through with it, I wouldn’t have ever written an actual story.
  • Can you tell me something your readers may not know about you, something that they would be surprised to learn? Maybe a secret skill or fact?
JS: I actually have OCD, which is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for anyone who isn’t familiar with it. I first started noticing something was “different” when I was about thirteen years old. I would have to do “certain” things like wash my hands a certain number of times. I didn’t know anything was wrong with me, I just thought what I did was what everyone did.
It wasn’t until I moved during my senior year of high school that it got really bad. I then saw a documentary on TV about OCD and everything seemed to click into place for me. I knew that was what I had and so I went and spoke with someone, and was diagnosed with it when I was seventeen.
I have remissions of it. I can go years without having any kind of problems, but during stressful times it will flare up. Thankfully I have been symptom free (or what is symptom free for me) for about six months now. Like I said, it comes and goes. It is a difficult disorder to have, but I have gotten through it and have supportive people in my life.
  • What was the inspiration for your most recent, or favorite hero in your writing?
JS: Well, my most recent hero is from The Chosen: A Tale of the Blood Breed. His name is Aleksei and he is the king of a race of immortal vampires known as the Blood Breed.
If I wasn’t already married (let me add to the greatest man in the world…LOL) then Aleksei would have been my first choice. Not only does Aleksei have a gentle side, but he is also a warrior with immense strength and power. He is truly an alpha, and well, physically I think that speaks for itself. He is loyal to anyone that is lucky enough to call a friend.
Bring all of that together and you have one hell of a man.
  • What was the inspiration for your most recent, or favorite hero in your writing?
JS: Well, my most recent hero is from The Chosen: A Tale of the Blood Breed. His name is Aleksei and he is the king of a race of immortal vampires known as the Blood Breed.
If I wasn’t already married (let me add to the greatest man in the world…LOL) then Aleksei would have been my first choice. Not only does Aleksei have a gentle side, but he is also a warrior with immense strength and power. He is truly an alpha, and well, physically I think that speaks for itself. He is loyal to anyone that is lucky enough to call a friend.
Bring all of that together and you have one hell of a man.
  • What’s his best feature or characteristic? Why would readers love him too?
JS: What wouldn’t a reader love about him…hahaha. Really though, I have to say the feature on him that is the most striking would have to be his black hair and striking blue eyes. Top that with his wicked sword tattoo on his back and you have one hell of a…package!!
  • Who does your hero resemble most, if he was a movie star or someone we know, and how is most likely to be dressed in your book?
JS: I would have to say when I created Aleksei I had Jonathan Rhys Meyers (from Showtime’s The Tudors) pictured. Add his devilish good looks with a rockin’ body and bingo…you have Aleksei.
Aleksei is most likely to be dressed in loose fitting jeans and a simple tee. He is pretty easy going and not so much high maintenance.
  • What would be his approach to a woman? Like a pick up line or move to seduce her?
JS: Aleksei would have no pick up line. All he would have to do was drop his eyes to half mast, and give a little tilt of his lips and the girls would dropping their panties.
  • Can you describe a little bit for us a hot love scene you’ve written? Or one you’ve read recently?
JS: Actually, I have a free read available on my website. Below is a little sample.
I closed my eyes and moaned as he ran his finger along the edge of my breast, just teasing—always teasing. His hands smoothed down my ribs before moving to my hips and pulling me down the bed. I spread my legs to accommodate his big body, his erection pressing against my clit and causing me to gasp. It was hot and hard, and I wanted it inside of me so badly.
“Do you want me here?”

He ran his finger down my slit to rest at the entrance of my core, his finger dipping in and gathering my moisture before moving his finger up. He circled my clit, stiffening it up more and causing me to bite my lip in pleasure. “I want you everywhere.”
  • What are you working on now, and where can readers find you on the web?
JS: I am currently working on the second story in the Blood Breed series. The working title is Blood Rush and it is Adrik and Kayla’s story. I introduced the Lyken’s in the first story, but in the second one I will really be delving into their world more. There are a lot of twists and turns that will be happening and I hope it raises some eyebrows.  Readers can find me at  
Blurb: Aleksei is feared by all who cross paths with him. He is the great ruler of a race of immortal vampires known as the Blood Breed. Setting eyes on Lana for the first time sets off unquenchable desires that Aleksei has never experienced in his existence. One night out leads to a destiny that will forever change Lana's life. It was an immediate attraction to Aleskei, feelings so strong they left her body on fire, so intense she didn’t know if it was real. When an age old prophecy brings Lana and Aleksei together, nothing can stop the unbreakable bond that weaves itself into their lives, and when an unseen predator threatens to take away Lana, Aleksei will stop at nothing to destroy all who stand in his way from making Lana his.
“Take them off of me.” Her eyes grew wide at the growl that came out of him. He gripped the top of her panties and ripped them clean off of her, tossing the fabric to the ground. She would be lying if she said his aggressiveness didn’t turn her on.
 “You smell so fucking delicious. I can’t stand it.”
His voice became deeper, and before she realized what he was doing, he was between her thighs with his hands holding them open. His breath brushed across her exposed folds, and she let her thighs open wider of their own accord. The hot touch of his tongue along her engorged clit caused her to throw her head back and moan. It felt so good, so much better than when she touched herself. He ran his tongue in a circular motion, sucking her clit into the hot depths of his mouth before running over it again. He nibbled and teased her labia, twirling his tongue along the opening of her pussy and running it back up to torment her clit. She had her legs as wide as they would go, but even that didn’t feel wide enough. His tongue continued its exploration of her clit as one of his fingers ran in a slow motion around her pussy hole. She wanted, no, needed him to plunge it inside, to end the exquisite torture he was giving her. It was never ending, the pleasure he brought to her body with just a flick of his tongue and a tease of his finger.
He left no part of her untouched, swiping his tongue over her lips, around her center, and making his way back up to her clit. Moans and groans came from his mouth, vibrating off her clit and causing her orgasm to come closer to the surface. His hands had a tight clasp on her thighs, his big body wedged between them. He lifted one of her legs over the back the couch, opening her up even further to his wicked tongue. He continued to suck at her clit, and the tight coil of her climax moved through her body. Her sex blossomed like a dam opening up and getting ready to spill forth. Her wetness flowed out of her core from the tidal wave of pleasure that coursed through her.
“Oh, yes. I think I’m going to come.” She had climaxed plenty of times by herself but had never felt the feeling that washed through her at this moment.
“Come for me, Lana. Fucking come all over my mouth. I want your cream covering my lips.” He continued to suck and lick at her, and just hearing the provocative words he said set her off. Her orgasm tore through her, causing her to thrust her breasts out and groan loudly. He never let up, just kept sucking and licking until her orgasm tapered off. Although she felt sated and relaxed, the orgasm did nothing to stop the arousal still pulsing through her veins. She opened her eyes to stare at him, his glorious body now naked. She didn’t know when took off his clothes, but his shirt and pants now sat on the floor. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of his hard, muscled body.
He grabbed his cock as she slid her eyes up and down his body. She stared at his erection, eyes wide and heart beating quickly. He was huge, so big she didn’t even know if he would fit inside of her. His hands slid under her back and flipped her over so she straddled him. He leaned against the couch and gripped her naked hips.
“It will fit perfectly. You will feel exquisite when I slide in and out of you. Fuck, you’re beautiful.”
She breathed heavily, loving the dirty way he spoke to her. His cock rubbed along her slick folds, teasing her clit as he slowly thrust his hips up. The flame in her body grew stronger, her desire burning hotter and hotter. She initiated the next kiss, dipping down to meet his firm lips and slipping her tongue inside. He groaned and slid his hands to her ass before slipping one hand further down to rest by her vagina. He brought his other hand to her breast, tweaking and pulling at her hard nipple. His finger didn’t move any closer to her pussy, just sat close to her hole, making her want to thrust onto it. Their moans filled the room, and before she knew it, he scooped her off the couch and carried her to his bedroom.
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