Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Flesh for Fantasy Review at Book Junkie

Flesh for Fantasy was reviewed at Book Junkie by Brande. It was a double pleasure to be notified of two reviews. It really made my day, and I'd like to thank Brande for reviewing my work!

Book Junkie Review from Brande:

"Chloe Waits was a new to me author and as I am always game I thought I would take the chance on Flesh for Fantasy. Not disappointed in the slightest, well I was, but that was just because it was too short. I wanted more. A fun, fast story, just a novella of 30 pages this is the story of Cynthia a.k.a. Cheyenne, that is her stage name for her phone sex job. Trying to keep her head above water with bills as she pays more money to lawyers than she has coming in, all the while trying to finish up her degree in English she is able to put on a mask of sorts while she is on the phone with her customers. Hurt and not willing to trust again, especially a lawyer like her ex who treated her so badly, she knows that she needs to heal her own heart until she can move on to another relationship. This is why this job is so perfect for her, no real emotion and she is able to detach herself. I liked her immediately because Cynthia is just a normal everyday woman, could be any one of us or your friends, just struggling to make a life for herself and move on. But one night of casual drinking with the ladies leads to a mysterious dream guy who happens to know all the right things to say, to her phone line.

Cautious because really she knows there are some real crazies out there, and she isn't willing to give too much of herself to someone who would want to hurt her emotionally or physically.

Frankly I could feel that she just wants to be loved, respected and desired and above all treated like a wanted woman by a strong dominant man.

Too much to hope for? She thinks so, but that fantasy man seems to be coming to life more and more with every call with Mark. Their bond is strengthening, not just talks of fantasies and sex, but of books, movies and their lives in general.

Cynthia must make the decision, does she meet Mark's request and meet him in person, or let this just remain what is should..... a fantasy?

Sensual, engaging and fun, a quick read for anyone looking for a sweet romance that will warm your heart and curl your toes while your cheer on Cynthia to just let her guard down and learn to love again."

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