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Reviews for Elise Hepner's Check Out and Sex Tool

Check Out

Hardcore punk rocker Jennifer's been exiled from her safe, far away college back to her small town. The trouble started when she was caught having sex with her college adviser, Paul-by the Dean of Students. All she wants to do is damn the man and the trouble has just kept coming. She's forced by her socialite parents to work the night shift in her local grocery store while feigning off come-on's from customers and a circa 1950's boss.
But things get more complicated when Paul comes back into town for a little stop-and-shop. Jennifer is forced to confront their growing master/slave relationship and the mounting feelings she's been harboring all summer. Meanwhile, Paul the good ol' boy whose grown up playing football and exuding charm is ready to put Jennifer's smart little mouth to work. All she wants is for him to stay. But he won't take anything from her without a price.

Warnings: This title contains graphic m/f/m sexual situations, spanking, a high level of dominance, and submission play.

Chloe Waits Review for Check Out

Elise Hepner is a self described 'fierce erotica hunter.' She could change that to fierce erotica writer! Check Out is a sassy, in-your-face sexy romp. Hepner's fresh, vivid voice makes this story literally jump up and...spank you (lol). Her character of Jennifer is too bold and free to be shackled to small town conventions, and too whip-smart to give in to awkward come-ons beneath her notice. There's just not a strong enough man around to challenge her or tame her...until Paul walks in. Despite some hot delicious themes of submission, we always sense Jennifer is in control, and exactly where she wants to be. The highly erotic power play between Jennifer and Paul was a sensuous assault to the senses that will leave you panting for more, yet also satisfied. You should 'Check Out' Elise Hepner.

Sex Tool

Everyone knows "that guy" at a party. The man who hits on innocent women all night with all the moves in the world but he just screams sleaze. Marcia goes to her friend's parties specifically to teach these men a lesson. She see's her mark from across the room and outwits him in confidence and speed, then she takes him to bed with her to earn and learn some respect for females everywhere.

At a Halloween party she's met her match, a gorgeous player that just doesn't know when no means no. He's the perfect specimen for an experiment dealing with a lose of control, and he's going to be her lab rat for the night. Marcia takes her dominatrix duties by night as seriously as she takes her lover's. There is always room for reform.

What unfolds is a searing session in BDSM that whips her one night stand into shape and right into Marcia's arms. He is caressed with pain, as well as want, from a woman who opens his eyes to the power of female sexuality. Rounds of sexual gauntlets and consent join these two together in their lesson on gender balance. Tip the scales and bend over boyfriend.

Warnings: This title contains f/m domination with anal sex, graphic language, and kinky wax sex play.

Chloe Waits Review for Sex Tool

Elise Hepner revisits the themes of control and submission in Sex Tool, with a unique twist. Hepner's character of Marcia delights with her feisty attitude and unique feminist stance. She's more than capable of schooling a man and reforming him forever of his frat boy ways. Marcia has many sexy tools and skills in her arsenal. Her one night stand will learn a powerful lesson thanks to an erotic onslaught that teases him, and the readers to a frenzy. One part brazen, one part shocking, and all parts super hot, you should add Sex Tool to your playthings.

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