Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reviews for Flesh for Fantasy at Ebook Addict

I received a review for Flesh for Fantasy from Ebook Addict, which I am posting here. I was absolutely tickled pink. Thanks so much for reviewing my work, Kathy K!

Ebook Addict Review from Kathy K:

"I love it when a story goes way beyond my expectations, and Chloe Waits’ Flesh for Fantasy did just that. I really didn’t anticipate the depth of emotion, between the characters or what I felt as the story unfolded. And Cynthia’s best friends added a lot to the proceedings; Sue’s words of caution and Trudy’s excitement over her ‘conquest’ were both different sides of the same coin... they cared a lot about her.

As Mark and Cynthia built a relationship, Cynthia was able to let herself just be who she was and who she wanted to be. Mark gave her that gift and it was great watching as she learned to appreciate herself and, ultimately, the mystery man who allowed her to break free. A very sweet and touching story filled with the kind of romance that I’ve always dreamed about. Beautiful!

Oh, and Chloe Waits? She’s got herself a new fan... and I’ll try not to scare her too much.

( no chance of that, I am delighted)

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