Monday, March 8, 2010

Liar Answers and blogging at Whipped Cream this week!

Okay I think my lying, um, creative skills are good because I did fool you guys!

Answers 2 and 4 are true.

Number one was not fair, because some of you know I live in Toronto. The lie was I didn't wear snowshoes to get to school growing up (except during winter.)

A lot of you thought I swallowed my ring. I guess rumors of my clumsy ways had you fooled. lol
My husband proposed in Central Park when we vacationed there, and proposed during a picnic. Thank goodness he kept the ring in his pocket until he was ready.

Now do you want to learn more truths about me? No? C'mon, sure you do. It's a bunch of fun facts,
Chloe Waits: Coles Notes Edition at Whipped Cream Reviews

I will be blogging all this week at WC. Talking about writing, fantasies and more...including a bookdraw for a free copy of Flesh for Fantasy. Just drop by and learn how to win!

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